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Our Sweet Story

This is my dad. Nicknamed “Buddy” by my kids. These cookies are based on an oatmeal cookie he made for years. No chocolate chips for my dad. Just oatmeal. Dad would pull out the round oatmeal container and measure the ingredients into a big yellow bowl. Minutes later, two spoons scooped perfectly imperfect balls on the sheet. And a few minutes more we had hot cookies.

Always Unique, Always Delicious

My version is his recipe without eggs, oil, or dairy. Full of flavor and packed with dried fruit, nuts, and maybe a few chocolate chips. Our philosophy above all is that we want our customers to be able to come in, try something they haven't before and fall in love with it every visit. If you want to learn more or ask about the ingredients we use, please contact us. We'll be happy to hear from you.

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